I’ll start off by saying I’ve always been slim. Genetics have ‘blessed me’ with a fast metabolism meaning no matter how much I eat, I really struggle to gain weight. To some people, this may sound like heaven but it’s something that I’ve always reeeeaaally hated about myself. Being relatively tall (5ft9) and lacking any real body fat or muscle gives me a lanky pole type figure (see pic below); fine when you’re a child but as you grow into a young woman you start to crave the curves and feminine bodies all your friends seem to have. I was told constantly by doctors that I needed to eat more but no matter how much I tried, I remained super slim. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to research how to seriously gain weight and really committed to it. Looking back, I realised I’ve learnt so much and it’s kind of become a lifestyle more than an empty goal. Since moving into my own place, I’ve been able to control everything I buy and eat (which has helped a lot) as well as taking over the entire apartment with my workout routines.  It’s only been a couple of months so of course I won’t see any proper results yet but I feel so much stronger which gives me the motivation to carry on. I’ve also managed to gain (and maintain) around 6lbs which is a pretty big deal for me. Putting effort into changing my lifestyle and improving my health has also made me a lot more confident and although people feel the need to make rude comments about my size (apparently I only eat once a day???) I am learning to channel negativity into motivation to achieve my own personal goals.  

Anyway that was a loooot of rambling but it would be great to hear from people on the same kind of journey trying to gain weight/curves/muscle so please get in touch and share any wisdom you have. Hopefully this will be the start of documenting my road to a stronger and healthier me so I will try and post an update once a month or something. Get in touch! Soph x

Ps In case you’re interested, here’s a pic of me looking sassy from about 3 years ago. I’ve gained some shape since then but this is very much the beginning 🙂