With the stress of work and life in general, it’s always good to get away for a couple of days. Being the lovely girlfriend I am, I booked tickets for a midnight showing of Rogue One and a hotel in London as a birthday treat for Ed (which was a great excuse to soak in a gorgeously Christmassy London).

I always love being in the city at this time of year. The cold nights, bright lights, Christmas music and smells of street food always manage to put a smile on my face.

As always, I love a good photo so check out some snaps of our mini getaway below…

I’d love to hear from you! Where’s your favourite place to go at Christmas? X





Here in little old England, it’s that beautiful time of year where the clocks have gone forward and we’ve gained an hour in bed (hoorah!) However we are now left to deal with the cold dark nights that come with it. Winter appears to have landed on our doorsteps and like every year, I struggle not to fall into my very own hibernation. With dark mornings, shorter days and sitting in an office all day, wilfully watching out the window as the sun appears and disappears, it’s hard to stick to goals and stay motivated. Have no fear, though, Soph is here with a few tips to get you by:

1. Seize the day! Incredibly cliche (I know) but it definitely helps, trust me! We’ve all had those days or months of waking up at 12 and before you know it, it’s 4pm and pitch black. It feels as if the whole day has disappeared and you haven’t achieved anything (which is always a hideous feeling). So despite risking sounding like your mother, get up at a sensible time with goals for the day in mind, open those curtains, have a mighty stretch and feed your body. A good start to the day is vital to productivity.

2. EXERCISE! Believe me when I say I rarely feel like exercising when in need of a little positivity. In fact it’s the last thing on my list, lost waaaay under eating my feelings and binge watching a Netflix series. But believe me also when I say it helps. so. much! There’s a whole bunch of science and endorphins behind it which I won’t attempt to explain but you will feel the difference yourself. What’s also great is it doesn’t have to be an entire gym workout or marathon run; even taking 20 minutes out of your day to go for a walk or jump on a bicycle will get you breathing in some much needed fresh air.

3. Tidy Space, Tidy Mind. Sometimes life can throw a whole bunch of rubbish at us and it all gets a bit much. At times like these (if you’re anything like me) you’ll find it a whole lot harder to stay motivated and get stuff done and a whole bunch easier to mope around and wallow in your own misery…and sometimes that’s okay. These are my favourite times to put the effort into pampering myself: run a bath, get some fresh sheets on your bed, gather up a load of laundry, get into some fresh pjs and put some time into something you really enjoy doing. This is a great way of achieving stuff and being productive whilst also looking after yourself (the last bit is V important)

What are your tips for staying positive? Let me know in the comments!

Sophie x



Never ever ever did I imagine that at the age of twenty one I’d be in the process of buying my first home with my boyfriend. As first time buyers we have very little knowledge of houses, mortgages and the tonnes of stuff that comes with it and I’m sure we’re not the only ones! If you’re in a similar position and clueless as we are, you will hopefully find some of the following tips and advice helpful…

#1 Choose your conveyancer carefully. Often the estate agent you’re buying through will recommend a team they’re partnered with, but don’t feel pressured into using them. A conveyancer is responsible for sorting out all the legal bits involved in the purchase of your new home and will cost you something like £500. They’re a big part of the process so having someone who will update you often and answer any questions you have is definitely important.

#2 I for one can’t wait to move into our newhome so I can really start to make it ours. Simple tip, but start off with the basics like sofas and kitchen equipment before bulk buying the entire range of Yankee candles (potentially guilty).

#3 Read your documents! This seems like a really obvious one but don’t trust everything you sign to be correct and accurate. Mistakes can be made no matter how experienced and knowledgeable the author is. Read through all the paper work you receive (however boring it may be, and it is) and make sure to bring up any queries with your conveyancer.

#4 Keep organised. By the end of the process you’ll have paper work coming out your ears so it’s important for your sanity (at least it has been for mine) to keep everything filed. Depending on the company, a lot of it may be scanned and kept online so it can easily be accessed if and when needed. It is, however, always useful for the inevitable insurance policy documents and copies of this, that, and the other to be filed neatly away to be produced in a time of need.

#5 When checkingaffordability, always over estimate. If you can afford to move out when you’re allowing £500 a month on food for two of you when in reality it may only be £250, you won’t suddenly find yourself scraping by.

In the same position? Or a house buying pro? Let me know your tips!

Sophie x