Welcome to my rambly little blog. My name is Sophie and I’m 21. I live just outside of London in England with my boyfriend and I work for a logistics company. Small-talk-style details aside…I am a green tea fanatic and love all things food. I will not be able to contain my happiness if you sit me in front of a movie set in the 1950s and will sit with a gawky smile on my face throughout (bonus points if Blake Lively is the lead). I am the complete opposite to when I was younger and now love to travel and adventure, be it new countries and cultures or discovering a new place closer to home. I’ve recently been exploring the practice of meditation and mindfulness in an attempt to be more appreciative and content which I am loving. There’s so much more but I don’t want to bore anyone that may have stumbled upon this page by chance. I always love to hear from people so please get in touch!